Frozen Records – much ado about nothing


much ado about nothing

is a soundsculpture that portraits a cities music scene. 20 musicians/composers add their voice to a master composition from Claudia Märzendorfer and Nik Hummer. the master theme was played on a trautonium (an early electric/electronic instrument) Each single voice is transfered into a record out of ice. During the performance with four prepared turntables the sculpture was permanently changing its shape. so did the sound. “Now I know this idea of records made out of ice serves no practical purpose. It’s definitely not the format that the global music industry is looking for to entice the buying public away from free downloads but I love it. It ticks so many of the boxes that I enjoy ticking at the moment. For a start it is impermanent. It is of the moment. There is nothing left but water that you can either drink or, more symbolically, wash your hands with. Or, with the water shortage, you could use the water again to make another record.” Bill Drummond KLF/the 17


Noel Akchote, Martin Brandlmayer, Bernhard Breuer, Dorit Chrysler, Christof Dienz, Electric Indigo, Christian Fennesz, Clementine Gasser, Gammon, Manfred Hofer, Franz Hautzinger, Helge Hintergegger, Jurisic/steiner, Katharina Klement, Wolfgang Mitterer, Michael Moser, Phillip Quehenberger, Matija Schellander, Martin Siewert, thilges 3;……..

produced between 05/2006 and 09/2006 by Claudia Märzendorfer and Nik Hummer recorded live on 09/09/06 at the modernist mozart festival by Ollmann

thanks to:

Bill Drummond, Hans Groisz, Remco Schuurbiers, Helge Hinteregger, Robert Jelinek, Susanna Niedermayer, Jeanette Pacher, Peter Rantasa, Christian Scheib, Carsten Seiffarth, Ske – Fonds, AHT Kühllogistik, MICA ;……….