around the light

The work AROUND THE LIGHT (2020) illustrates the changes of the light over the course of a day, which is at once also a reflection of the earth’s movement around the sun. For twenty-four hours, a picture of the sky was taken every 8.19 minutes—the time the sun’s light needs to reach the earth—from one and the same position, for a total of 175 pictures.

160 of these photo-graphs are now presented, or more properly speaking projected, using two Kodak carousel projectors that hold 80 slides each. Bridging the divide between interior and exterior, they literally bring light into kunsthaus muerz’s windowless nave. Soft cross-fades let the artist create a temporal continuum as the movement of the sun recorded by the pictures and the rotation of the carousel tray come full circle.

One source of inspiration behind this work was presumably the artist’s study of the so-called cyanometer: a measuring device developed in the late nineteenth century that was designed to gauge the intensity of the sky’s blue color.